Build and operate production-grade, multi-AI solutions with the world's first OS for AI

End-to-End AI Building Blocks

With Veritone’s aiWARE operating system for AI, leverage tools to develop AI-enabled apps and automated workflows.

Use one or combine multiple to architect a custom solution for virtually any use case.

Text Cognitive Capabilities

Language Identification

Detect one or multiple of over 25 different natural languages in text. Learn more


Translate text in over 110 different languages and dialects.
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Entity Extraction

Classify entities in text into categories such as people or places.
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Content Classification

Categorize text files and images according to their content.
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Keyword Extraction

Identify specific terms and/or phrases in text.
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Generate a summary of all or a selected portion of a text file.
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Text Extraction

Extract unstructured text and express it in a structured format.
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Sentiment Analysis

Discern tone in text to classify it by emotion.
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Anomaly Detection

Locate potential abnormalities in a time-series.
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Vision Cognitive Capabilities

Object Detection

Detect one or multiple objects or concepts, such as colors, in an image or video.
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License Plate Recognition

Convert alphanumeric characters appearing in license plates recognized in images or video to text.
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Logo Detection

Recognize logos and branding elements in images or video.
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Text Recognition (OCR)

Convert alphanumeric characters appearing in documents, images or video into text strings.
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Speech Cognitive Capabilities


Convert speech in audio or video files in 70 different languages into text transcripts.
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Speaker Detection

Partition audio files into segments to separate the words spoken by each speaker when.
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Speaker Recognition

Identify speakers in audio based on recordings of their voice.
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Data Cognitive Capabilities


Identify the real-world geographic location of a media file’s origin.
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Associate two data sets based on a commonality such as time or date.
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Biometric Cognitive Capabilities

Face Detection

Detect the presence of one or more faces in an image or video.
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Face Recognition

Identify a person in images or video from a library of previously identified individuals.
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Audio Cognitive Capabilities

Audio Fingerprinting

Recognize specific audio segments such as advertisements within longer audio files.
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Low-Code, AI Integrated Development Environment (IDE)


AI-Enable Apps and Intelligently Automate Processes

One, low-code IDE for technical and business teams to design, build, and manage smart, event-driven analytic workflows and infuse apps with AI.

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AI Development Sandbox

Configure Custom AI Solutions for Your Use Case
Customize end-to-end AI stack elements to deploy and manage a production-grade AI-enabled application. Process your data sets with one of over 20 cognitive capabilities in the Veritone AI ecosystem or deploy your own.

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Biometric Authentication by Veritone Labs


Plug and Play Biometric Authentication Your Users Will Love

Leverage an identity service to secure your new and existing applications with a frictionless, biometric authentication layer — no AI expertise required.


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Deploy enterprise-grade, fast-to-market, and scalable AI-powered applications and automated workflows that solve your unique business challenges — deployable in your infrastructure or ours.

Productionize AI Solutions at Scale with
End-to-End AIOps

From building and training to deploying and operating, leverage one place to support the entire AI development lifecycle and integrate with existing DevOps processes.

Whether you are looking for production-grade AI infrastructure to deploy your proprietary machine learning models, production workflows, intelligent applications, or a combination, operationalize at scale and monitor your assets with the Veritone aiWARE OS for AI.

AI-Enrich Existing or Build AI Native Apps

Augment your existing applications or build new, intelligent applications quickly and easily with near real-time, automated data analytics via elegant GraphQL APIs or low-code workflows.

Integrate one or more of over 20 different trainable or pre-trained cognitive capabilities from the Veritone managed cognitive engine ecosystem — including engines from Veritone, niche providers and industry giants — into your application experiences.

Increase Productivity with Low-Code, Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Accelerate your organization’s AI-based digital transformation initiatives while leveraging existing IT infrastructure investments with AI-powered workflow automation and lightweight third party integrations.

Boost productivity for business and IT teams by automating manual, repetitive, and data-driven tasks for insights at scale — no in-depth coding skills or AI expertise required.

Deploy AI Where You Need It

The Veritone aiWARE platform offers configurable, lightweight architecture that scales up and down for your use cases. Choose from flexible implementation and storage options in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid environments to meet a wide-range of organizational, security, and technical needs.


With the Veritone aiWARE full stack, flexible architecture, developers can choose a unique mix of proprietary data sets, cognitive engines, and business logic to deliver fast-to-market, AI-enabled solutions unique to your use case.


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Powering Intelligent Apps

The Veritone aiWARE operating system for AI is trusted by leading brands globally to extract intelligent insights from their structured and unstructured data stores — positively impacting their productivity and bottom line.

[…] we had to find new ways to access our massive archives, turn thousands of hours of footage into searchable content, and accelerate our delivery workflows. Veritone [aiWARE] provides us with an end-to-end solution that allows us to do exactly that — and without major systems revamp or resource requirements on our end.

Read the Release >
Paul Hodges
Vice President of San Francisco Giants (SFG) Productions

By adding aiWARE to our platform, we’re empowering buyers to target ads to consumers based on the content of the episode they’re listening to. Listeners appreciate contextual and relevant ads — and that means they pay more attention to them.

Read the Release >
Lex Friedman
Chief Revenue Officer, ART19

Now, with aiWARE […] we’re able to extend our broadcast-quality programming even further to enhance fan and brand engagement. […] users have even more immediate access to content for interview and press conference highlights, publishing, and syndication — while the events are happening. Plus, the aiWARE capabilities make it faster and easier than ever to locate and retrieve specific items from our vast library of content.

Read the Release >
Gina Lehe
Senior Director of External Relations and Branding for the College Football Playoff

Veritone Automate Studio [powered by aiWARE] makes it easy for us to integrate intelligent, automated workflows into our Ordenite platform to cognitively-enrich customer data sets in near real-time. This has allowed us to expand our offering and more quickly expose deeper relationships in data for our government and private sector customers, accelerating their intelligence gathering processes that influence critical decision-making.

Learn More >
Jason Hedges
President, EdgeTide

How it works

Build, deploy, and manage your AI solution with aiWARE.

One Developer Web Experience

Author new cognitive engines, apps, and automated workflows or onboard your own to the aiWARE operating system to build custom AI-driven solutions.

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Choose Your UI

Build and integrate with your choice of UI: GraphiQL IDE, command line, or drag and drop designer

Manage AI Assets and Deployment

Leverage the aiWARE Admin console to track, iterate, and operationalize your AI solutions. 

Get Started

Create a free aiWARE developer account for instant access to all of aiWARE’s cognitive engines and developer tools
in the cloud, or contact us to deploy a production-grade aiWARE instance in a hybrid environment. 

AI as a Service

Instant access and scalability on demand

Choose your deployment: AWS or Azure, Commercial or Government, and Geography

$100 monthly credit then pay for only what you use*

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Hybrid AI Deployment

aiWARE Anywhere

Leverage the full aiWARE stack while keeping your data behind your firewall

Host and manage your own instance in a hybrid environment

$100 monthly credit *

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Explore the developer documentation and tutorials to get started. 

*Veritone will apply a credit toward the first $100 incurred in each month for data ingestion and cognitive engine processing usage only.

More About Veritone

At Veritone, we eat our own dogfood. We build with and power our ready-to-work applications for our customers looking for curated AI-powered experiences to solve their industry challenges with the same aiWARE architecture and development tools we offer to our developer community. 

Rest assured, we are committed to industry-leading tech and the best possible developer experience.

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